Thursday, February 10, 2011

Recovering From Yesterday

Despite the way my day started off yesterday, fighting against Restless Leg Syndrome and Fibromyalgia, I still had things that needed to be done. I almost finished them, but not quite. Now, I am recovering from everything I did yesterday.

I did what I consider to be a lot of writing yesterday.  I finished two articles for Associated Content. I wrote and published a list for List My Five. I even wrote another list for them and published it today. I did my post here as well as my post for my other blog, Keyword Crazy. I was spent and unable to do anymore. I knew I had to do something. Our financial situation is getting worse and I had to do something to improve it. I am now paying the price.

As easy as yesterday may seem to many, it took all I had to give. Today, I am even more slow and sluggish than normal. I can't imagine setting an alarm, getting up and dressed and heading off to a job. To do something for eight hours a day is impossible for me.

People look at me and can't see that I am disabled. I look "normal" and healthy. Of course, I could remove my scarf and they would see my bald spots. When I walk they are able to see how slowly I move and how unsteady I am on my feet. My cane should be a giveaway, but some use them as a "prop." I really need my cane.

I am off to take a nap. My hands are hurting quite a bit and my back is in spasms. Maybe if I crawl into bed and be really still I will feel better soon. If that happens, I will be back at my computer - writing away and trying to make a little money.

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