Monday, April 18, 2011

Good News Mixed with Bad News

I am pleased to be able to say that my husband will be waking up at 5 a.m. tomorrow to go to work. It is his third day on "the job." After months of calling, popping in and generally driving everyone at the local temp agency, they finally found my husband a temporary job.  We were told it would be two days of work, but tomorrow will be day three. We are thrilled.

That was the good news. Now for the bad news. We aren't sure if he will have enough gas in the car to actually get to work in the morning. He drove to work and back today on fumes. If he runs out, he will be at the mercy of whoever stops. The hits keep rolling in...

After getting every extension possible, if our cable/internet bill isn't paid by 5 p.m. Friday, it will be turned off. My husband will be paid on Friday - for one day of work. We are trusting God that I get earnings from all the places I write and, combined with with his paycheck, it will be enough to buy gas and pay the cable/internet bill.

Isn't that strange? I'm worried about the cable/internet bill when it seems that other things are more important - like food. Seeing that the only source of income we've had for a couple years has been the writing I do online, it does make sense. Why not cancel the cable and just have the internet? That makes sense, except for one little problem - we live in Oklahoma. Springtime is tornado season and wildfires are popping up everywhere. It is a safety issue not to have television service. Because we live in the middle of nowhere, we have to have cable to get any type of a signal.

As always, I am trusting God for a miracle. I am just a few dollars short of meeting the minimum payout for my Google Adsense account. I am also just a few dollars short of meeting the payout at Helium. With just a few more page views, I should be able to have that money in my pocket - which would be a big blessing to us.

That is the latest update on what is going on with my Social Security fight and life. Of course, if the Social Security Administration would do the right thing, we wouldn't be in the situation.