This Blog's Purpose

As a professional writer, I know that every word I write has to have a purpose - a reason. Without a purpose, words are a waste of time. Blogs are words, lots of words, and they have a purpose as well. This little blog of mine has a few different purposes.

One reason for my Social Security Fight blog is to be able to chronicle my experiences as a disabled person trying to win my Social Security disability benefits that I worked for and paid for. Because of the confusion that Fibromyalgia causes, it is difficult for me to remember and "keep straight" what all has happened to me since I started fighting for my Social Security benefits. It has been a long road and it remains a long road. This will be a living testament to my struggle and that of my family.

Another reason for my Social Security Fight blog is to help others. I know there are thousands, hundreds of thousands of people, fighting for their Social Security benefits. Perhaps I can share something that will help them in some way.  I've had help along the way from Social Security disability attorneys and friends who have been through this. My little blog is a way to pay it forward.

I am also using this blog to earn a little bit of money. We certainly need it now and I can spend a few minutes each day writing. It may not be much, but it is something. The Bible says that if a man wants to eat, he must work. Work doesn't have to mean having a job or getting a paycheck. Work is "effort" and it takes a lot of effort for me to write. Also, writing is the only way I have ever earned a living and it seems logical to keep writing as long as possible. If my writing can bring in some extra money, no matter how small that amount may be, it is a huge help to my family. Once my family is back on our feet and I've won my Social Security Disability lawsuit, I will be donating the money earned from this blog to others that are in the same situation I am currently in.