About My Friend Linda Batey

I met Linda Batey at Helium, a writing site where we both write. She read an article I had written about breastfeeding my daughter and sent me a message. It was an instant connection and I know she and I will be friends forever.

As time went by, she and I learned we have many things in common - other than being writers and strong believers in breastfeeding. We are both Christians. We are both mothers to very intelligent, independent and funny daughters. We both have Fibromyalgia. We both struggle with all that life throws at us.

Linda is my biggest supported. She is always there with a kind word or a kick in the pants - whatever I need at that particular moment. I know I can count on her for anything. Through the years of our friendship, even though we have never met face-to-face, I have to come rely on her for so much.

Eager to do whatever she can to help me, Linda suggested I start this blog. She wanted me to share my story and, hopefully, make a little money. There we were, on Facebook chat, figuring out how this blog should be laid out and the colors to use. Despite the Super Bowl being on, Linda stuck with me until I got it done. For the record, it is amazing what can be accomplished in a private internet chat!

I wasn't the least bit surprised when she offered to post on this blog as well. Linda understands the difficulties I face with Fibromyalgia and is willing to jump in wherever and whenever she can. Despite not being surprised, I cried. Linda is willing to take the time to help me - to walk me through the drama of my life even though she believes you should "save your drama for your Mama." Once again, Linda has come through for me.

That is Linda, in a nutshell - my squirrel-shooting-bed-and-breakfast-hopping-let-your-granddaughter-play-with-a-vibrator friend I couldn't live without. I pray everyone has a friend like her.