The Current Situation

Our current situation is bleak and that is looking at it as positively as possible. I understand that time are hard everywhere, but it is hard to see that when your times are as bad as ours are.

My husband was laid off over two years ago. He has managed to keep us afloat with unemployment and what odd jobs he could find. He has become quite the "dumpster diving" and my event planning skills have put on some profitable garage sales.I never knew he could do plumbing, welding and babysitting. Yes, my husband has babysat for people.

I am still writing as much as possible. I am limited to only writing online these days. I can't handle the pressure of deadlines and dealing with clients the way I did before I became disabled. There are several sites that I write for and make some money doing it. Seeing it is ad/traffic revenue only, unless people read my articles I do not get paid. I promote them on Twitter and Facebook. I also have a few blogs (other than this one) that I have added different ads to.

We are not eligible for any type of state or federal aid. The reason for this is because I have a private attorney, Binder and Binder, handling my Social Security Disability claim. The Department of Human Services says that if I have the money to pay an attorney, I can pay for other things as well. They don't seem to understand that Binder and Binder only gets paid if I get paid. I've tried to explain that to them, but it falls on deaf ears.

As you can see, we are willing to work. I push myself further than I should with what writing I am able to do. My husband has sent resumes all over the country and has driven countless miles, looking for a job - any job that will pay him. It just seems like when you are down and keep slipping further down there is no other way to go. I know that isn't true, but it feels that way.