Wednesday, April 6, 2011

The News Isn't Good

Well, we knew this day would come. We just thought it would be next Wednesday and not today. We had planned so carefully for next week, but we were seven days off.  Now, it is even more bleak than before.
My husband is (was) what is known as a "99 weeker" - someone who qualified for 99 weeks of unemployment benefits. Somewhere in the past 100 weeks, we left out a week.  We thought his unemployment ran out today, but we learned it was last Wednesday.

I had it managed so well.  The disconnect notice for our electricity would take all but around $100 of the unemployment money.  We would use the remaining money for groceries and the like.  A tank of gas to get my husband to his next job interview. We were going to slide in safely, just under the wire, and we'd be okay. It didn't quite work out that way.

We stood in line at the Salvation Army - waiting to get some help with the electric bill. We went in and sat down. They were more than happy to help us. They could pay $70 of the $295.17 that was due - once we came up with the rest of the balance.

My husband swallowed his pride and called my Mom. She gave him her standard speech about how God helps those who help themselves and, if we were better with money and he could keep a job, we wouldn't be in this situation. She doesn't seem to understand my husband's job is still available - in China. That is where his company moved it. Of course, she doesn't understand my health problems. She is a firm believer that unless a person looks disabled, they aren't disabled.

It might as well be $2,000 instead of just a little over $200. I don't know how we'll come up with that money by Monday - the date our electricity is scheduled to be turned off. I've called every church and organization I can think of. They are either out of money or can't get anything approved until after Monday. Anything after Monday will be too late.

When I say "it might as well be $2,000" all I mean is that I'm expecting a big miracle from God. We are prayed up and our tithes are paid. That $2,000 I mentioned would be just about perfect to hold us over until my husband gets a job. Please don't say "it's been 100 weeks already." I am aware of how long it has been. That just means we are 100 weeks closer to the miracle God has for us.